Progressive Patterns


Progressive patterns is not an institution, organization, or even a ministry. It is a crusade to encourage and instruct people to think, perceive, and imagine better. My goal is to join with, and build up, another established ministry rather than start yet another independent ministry with its own overhead and administrative needs. I am a believer in teamwork and organization and efficiency. So until I partner with a conference or ministry like Amazing Facts, 3ABN, or Lightbearers, I will teach and share as a self-supporting laymen with what little time and resources I have. I have seen small trickles at mountaintops become raging rivers at the bottom.

As you look around this website you will see that I draw from God's two great books: Scripture and nature. Both present patterns of good and evil, redemption and punishment, growth and death. Thinking in patterns, rather than randomly reacting, is how we were designed and so is the way to realize our highest potential and the best way to inspire faith in others.

If you would like to contribute time, money, networking connections, or other resources to spread this message and method farther and faster, then please contact me. If you would like to help develop and/or host a new approach to evangelistic meetings, then please contact me!

Who am I?

I am an ordained elder and a member in good and regular standing at the Klamath Falls Seventh-day Adventist church in southern Oregon, near Crater Lake. For twenty years I was an academy teacher/principal/dean. Since I became Adventist when I was in college in 1982 I have known that I was to be an evangelistic educator or, as I have been switching over to recently, an educating evangelist. Why now? Only God knows. I just follow.


B.A. from Southern Adventist University (1985) in Religion and Secondary Education

M.Ed. from Trident University International (2008) in Education.



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I knew a boy

I knew a boy

who grew up in the city.

He liked to play in the parks

and swing on the swings

and sled down the hills.


Then he grew up

and worked hard

and played little.

His life was hard

trying to help others.

Sometimes he made their lives hard.


Then God led him

and walked with him

into the deep woods

beside the blue lakes

up to the high mountains.

There the man became a boy again.

His playground was the wide wilderness.

Health returned.

Energy increased.

Time became swallowed up

in timeless beauty.


Born again,

swaddled by green and blue,

God gave the boy happiness once again.


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